Round up your people
and get stuff done

We know your community management challenges because we’ve been there. Circles is a collaboration platform designed to delight leaders and members. It works the way you do - in the field, at home or at your desk.

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Designed by Group Leaders, for Group Leaders

This is not a social network dressed up as a collaboration tool; it’s the real deal. One organizing tool that lets your people share knowledge, include everyone, and execute the way that works best for them—by email, web, or mobile app. Seamlessly.

A New Model of Privacy

Users control their own data and will never be tracked or interrupted with ads. We’ve created a safe space so your community can have authentic conversations and advance your mission.

Cut Through the Noise

We’ve been notified about notification fatigue and we’ve listened. That’s why we let users decide when and how they want to engage so they stay tuned in and willingly active.

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