Circles Community Rules

Permitted Content

These are the ground rules for using Circles. All content posted in circles matching any of the Prohibited Categories below will be moderated and removed.

Sponsors, Super Admins or Admins for a circle may define additional categories of prohibited content within that circle. These additional rules will be clearly posted within the circle and shown to new members before they join.

Prohibited Categories Across the Circles Platform

Authority & Responsibility

Moderation responsibility passes ‘upwards’ as follows, from initial to ultimate:

Circle Admins assume the responsibility of moderating content in that circle. A circle that persistently breaks this policy will be suspended and/or deleted, and persistently-infringing users may be barred from the platform.

Sponsor Super Admins are also considered the primary contacts for each Sponsor and will have to decide amongst themselves what their collective moderation decision is.

Initiating Moderation

All reports must include the Prohibited Category the content is alleged to be in.

Content that has been reported through the app is not displayed to users while moderation is in process. Content that is reported through other channels will be reviewed and removed in a timely fashion.

Moderation Decisions

The relevant moderator is notified by push notification or email. They make a decision whether or not the content is in the specified prohibited category, explaining their decision as necessary.

If the moderator agrees that the content is inappropriate, the system removes the content & notifies the original poster that their content was removed, with the moderator's explanation.

If the moderator disagrees, believing the content to be appropriate, the system restores the content to be shown by users, and notifies the reporter that the content was restored, with the moderator's explanation.

Moderation decisions will be recorded in a repository and made available to future moderators to use as precedent as well as available publicly, when deemed appropriate.


If either the reporter or the original poster disagrees with a moderation decision they can appeal, in which case the next authority ‘up’ (see Authority & Responsibility above) makes a decision using the same process.

The appointees of Circles Dot World, Inc. have ultimate moderation authority and their decisions cannot be appealed.